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The police chief of Bloomington, Minnesota, has announced his plans to retire at the end of January and take up a position at the top of the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association. Ivanka Trump took a quick trip to Duluth on Thursday, visiting an iconic Duluth manufacturing company and then opening an office at Bloomingtons.

A 56-year-old man is fighting for his life and a teenager from Coon Rapids was also injured in a car crash in the Twin Cities area, the St. Paul Police Department said. The mother and father of a Minnesota girl found dead in her home on December 14 are considering dying.

Get service details, leave messages of condolence and send flowers in memory of loved ones in Bloomington, Minnesota. Stay informed on this page as we share the news of the death of a loved one from Bloomington's Minnesota on our Facebook page.

The main navigation provides you with the monthly weather forecast for Bloomington, Minnesota, including daily highs and lows, as well as historical averages to help you plan ahead. Visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' weather page to get more information about the weather in your area.

Precipitation is defined as snowfall accumulating around one day a year over a sliding period of 31 days. Independent values are calculated for the perceived temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and the number of precipitation days.

During the hour, the average wind speed is less than 1.0 km / h and lies in each of the four directions. Excluded are winds in the north, south, east - west, north - east and west - south, and all winds in the south.

The clear part of the year at Eden Prairie starts on June 10 and lasts 4.2 months and ends on October 16. The vegetation period in Eden Prairie rarely lasts from 3 April to 8 May and ends between 24 September and 31 October. The clear parts of this year for Eden Prairie begin on June 10 and last 4-2 months until October 15, except for a brief period of clear days on December 1.

Daylight saving time (Daylight saving time) is observed from spring on March 14 and lasts 7 - 8 months and ends on November 7 in autumn. The shortest day is December 21 and the longest days are December 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 30 and 31.

The warmest time of the year is generally mid-July, where the highest is regularly 86.1 degrees. The temperature rarely drops below 65.5 degrees and it will feel cool given the humidity and wind. Daily highs range from 79.4 to 76.9 degrees, with highs in the mid-to-mid-80s. Highs range from 76 to 9 degrees and temperatures rarely drop to 65 to 5 degrees, with the exception of a few days in late September and early October.

The dew point averages 10 degrees Celsius, with highs in the mid-to-mid-80s and lows of around -10 degrees Celsius. The dew point can be between -7 ° E (13 ° B) and -9 ° A (0 ° D), with high temperatures of 76.5 to 79.9 ° C and low temperatures of -5.4 to 3.2 ° C. Southwesterly winds are strong with strong gusts. Dew points range from - 9 degrees P (12 degrees G) to + 5 degrees L (1 degree W), and highs from 86.7 to 90.3 degrees (+ 9.1 degrees).

The dew point averages 4 degrees Celsius, with highs in the mid-to-mid-80s and lows around -10 degrees Celsius. For the purposes of this report, the geographic coordinates of Eden Prairie are 1.5 miles north - west of St. Paul, Minnesota, and 1 mile south - east of Duluth.

Eden Prairie offers 63 apartments and houses for rent, including one in the city centre and one on the west side of the park. Coffee is sighted in a park and cafés, restaurants, a grocery store and a café can be seen on both the north and south sides of the city.

Eden Prairie has slightly muggy months and is partly cloudy - all year round, but given the humidity, temperatures feel cold for about half the year. Summer is long, warm and wet in Eden Prairie and winter is icy, snowy and windy. The group includes parts of North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and Iowa.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Eden Prairie, the hottest months are July, August and then June. If you are looking for dry weather, January, February and November are the coldest months, with temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to -30 ° C.

The first spring blooms in Eden Prairie appear in April, followed by June and May, and then they may not appear until May or early June. The warmest months of the year for visiting in very warm, dry weather are June to August, but the coldest and driest months for an extremely dry season are April to May. According to your results, the best time to visit Eden Prairie during the hottest months is mid-June to early September. Prices for hotels and flights are the most expensive and accommodation and other accommodation can be a bit more expensive, so you can save if you buy well in advance.

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More About Eden Prairie