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The city of Eden Prairie will host the third annual PeopleFest, which offers a series of community events celebrating the unique cultures that Eden Prairie represents. The Cultural Awareness Organization will work with the community leaders to present a multicultural festival, free to the public, featuring a variety of arts, crafts, food, music and fun activities for all who enjoy a festival atmosphere. The Hispanic Heritage Festival, which is open to the public, is presented and non-Hispanic residents are invited to experience, enjoy and learn this culture. The Hispanic artists and residents of Minnesota are encouraged to celebrate their cultural heritage, and we encourage them to do so. In addition, the Hmong Arts and Talent Centre (CHAT) will celebrate and exhibit hmong art in the community by showcasing the talents of local artists and hosting a live music performance by local musicians and artists from around the world.

The Loppet Festival of the City of Lakes will employ thirty local artists to present a rotating ice storm forest and perform penguin puppets. The 27th Ely Winter Festival offers a variety of arts, crafts, music, food and fun activities for children and adults. Over 60 artists, including more than twenty local and international artists from across the state of Minnesota, will showcase their work to a diverse audience, increasing their popularity in the local community. The Minneapolis Public Library, Minnesota Museum of Natural History and Minnesota State University - St. Paul will host a series of events to celebrate the art and culture of the city of Minneapolis and its residents and visitors.

Asian and Indian art and culture that involves over 20,000 Minnesotans in a wide range of arts, crafts, food, music and cultural activities.

The Walker Ethnic Fest Committee will work with over fifty artists to bring cultural performances to the Leech Lake region, including music, dance, art and food. The 5450 Rochester Art Ensemble will present a poetry slam that combines a public festival with a Dia de los Muertos celebration and includes performances by local artists, musicians, dancers and other cultural artists. RiverSong Music Festival will feature a variety of music to bring the diversity of music to the audience in a picturesque riverside setting. We will work with the municipal leaders to present an event that is open to the public and includes a wide range of arts, crafts, gastronomic and cultural activities, as well as music and dance.

The programme officer will work with team members and other staff members of the Foundation to support and manage an effective programme to support the scholarship holders while supporting the desired impact of arts and cultural activities in the Leechsee region. The program manager will work with a team member and / or other Foundation employees to support and manage an effective arts and culture promotion program that supports and manages the required and desired impact of arts and cultural events, as well as arts and cultural programs.

Work with the applicants on all aspects of the MACP funding process and develop a realistic proposal that is consistent with strategic funding priorities. Working with the applicant in all aspects of the MACp funding process to develop realistic proposals that are consistent with and implement the long-term vision of the Foundation for Art and Culture in the Leech Lake Region.

The proposals will be examined by city staff and commissioners and selected on the basis of their ability to serve the community and the venue. The proposals will be reviewed and selected according to their ability to benefit the communities and the venues. Proposals will be considered and selected by city staff, commissioners and based on their ability to benefit the community and an exhibitor location.

PiM Arts High School offers many opportunities for new students, including music theater, dance, theater, music, art and music education. Musical theatre and dance are not offered in all public high schools, but there is no competition or shame, meaning it is time to enjoy the arts! We meet the graduation requirements of the State of Minnesota and offer advanced placement courses in all academic areas. We also offer students the opportunity to start classes (see above) and also meet and fulfill the requirements for the Minnesota State Board of Education (MSA) in the fall of 2014.

We encourage artists of all backgrounds to apply for our Rotating Art Series, which is designed to reflect the diversity of the state and celebrate justice and inclusion. We encourage artists of all backgrounds to apply for the Rotated Art Series, Rotate Art Service, and Rotary Art Series for students and faculty at PiM Arts High School and any other school in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Artists of all backgrounds are invited to apply for this RotationArt series, which is intended to reflect the diverse arts and cultures of our community and our state as a whole and celebrate justice, inclusion, etc.

More About Eden Prairie

More About Eden Prairie